Location: UP, NCR, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan Warehouse service is the backbone of supply chain management. Warehouses are necessary for keeping goods safe from damage, loss, or theft. A warehouse is used by manufacturers, wholesalers, transporters, and almost any business because it helps them to store, ship and distribute their products more efficiently.

What is the need of a warehouse?

A warehouse is needed for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them are explained below:

Control over products 

Warehouses decrease the fluctuation in the price of a product by holding it when its supply increases in the market, and by releasing it when its demand is higher than its regular supply. It results in increased sales and profit for a business.

Improved workflow

Warehouses help businesses in fulfilling the orders of customers on time. An optimised warehouse improves workflow efficiency by supporting optimal inventory control, manufacturing productivity and performance.

Regular production and supply

Warehouses help in faster shipping and delivery of products. Warehouses continuously supply all required raw materials by storing and preserving them in large bulk quantities.

Long term quality storage

A warehouse not only includes monitoring the quantity but also the quality of the products. Warehouses work with vendors and suppliers to minimise defective or low-quality raw materials. They also monitor the shelf life and expiry date of different products to prevent wastage. 

Improved customer satisfaction

By providing timely delivery of quality products, warehouses help in improving the customer satisfaction and enhance their shopping experience.  

What are the qualities of a good warehouse?

An ideal warehouse constitutes of the following features:

Proper Location 

A warehouse should be located at a convenient place near highways, railway stations, airports, and seaports where goods can be loaded and unloaded easily. 

Adequate space 

There should be sufficient space available inside the warehouse for proper arrangement of goods. This is generally done by building rack and shelf systems. Also, there should be sufficient parking space. Also, the employees should be trained properly with the workplace equipment.

Proximity to the market 

Warehouses should be in locations that are close to their target markets. In other words, the warehouses should be in a place where the market for raw materials and for selling finished products is in near proximity. This is why warehouses in Punjab and Haryana are close to commercial places.

Security and surveillance 

There must be a 24/7 security and surveillance system in order to ensure the safety of the goods inside. There should be wifi cameras that allow you to access footage at the touch of a button.

Climate controlled

In a warehouse building, there must be specific storage units that are temperature controlled to stay within a temperature range to protect sensitive goods from extreme heat or cold. In our warehouse buildings, we strategically place cooling/heating units throughout a space to keep the temperature within a set range.

Proper store management

A warehouse should have a proper management system to avoid any waste. An accurate tracking of incoming and outgoing goods must be ensured. Mismanagement due to errors, theft and loss should be avoided at all costs.

Safety from environmental damages 

A warehouse should be well-equipped to protect the goods from sunlight, rain, dust, wind, moisture and pests. Also, the warehouse building should be well-equipped with the latest fire-fighting tools to avoid loss of goods due to fire. Before choosing a warehouse in Rajasthan or Delhi, make sure that it isn’t too hot or too dry. It is also important to check for the natural disaster history such as floods and earthquakes in your preferred area.
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