Single-Source Responsibility 100%
Greater Control 100%
Reduction in Overall Construction Schedule 100%
Improved Risk Management 100%
Greater Cost-effectiveness 100%
Quality Assurance 100%
The company firmly believes in the concept of Total Quality Management a process of achievement of total quality by harnessing the commitment of all human resources coupled with construction management and technology, which help the company to surge ahead in its growth path as something that provides benefits to our clients. Considering the emerging economic environment in India, which will escalate growth and development, Vivaan Prefab will be part of success story of established as well as emerging industries. FRAMING SYSTEM


    1. Submission of General Arrangement (G.A.) Drawing as per Layout/Data Provided by Client for approval.
    2. Approved G.A. comes to Designing phase for preparation of Fabrication Drawings, Sheeting Drawings.
    3. The building is designed in accordance with the following codes:
      -As per MBMA
      -Wind load application as per IS 875-Part 3 – 1987
      -Seismic Load Application as per IS 1893-Part 2 – 2002
  2. Procurement of Raw Material
    1. Galvanized Anchor Bolts (Plate type) having a minimum yield strength of 245 MPa & confirming to IS VSP 2062 ( make Sterling or equivalent)
    2. High Strength Bolts shall confirm class 8.8 and above having a minimum Yield Strength of 830 MPa. (make Pooja Forge or Equivalent)
    3. M.S. Bolts confirming grade 4.6/4.8 and having minimum yield strength of 400 MPa.
    4. HR Steel Plates having minimum Yield Strength of 345 Mpa for Primary members. (Make SAIL ,Bhushan , TATA)
    5. Members fabricated by Cold forming process (Purlins, Girt, Rake Angle) shall be Galvanized Sheets and having a minimum yield strength of 345 MPa. (make JSW, Bhushan or equivalent)
    6. Members Fabricated from Hot rolled structural shapes for Beams & Channels shall confirm to the physical specifications of IS 2062 / 1999 Grade B or equivalent having minimum yield strength of 245 MPa ; for Tubes it shall confirm to the physical specifications of IS 4923 or equivalent having a min yield strength of 345 MPa
    7. Rod and angle Bracing shall confirm to the physical specifications of ASTM A 36/IS 2062 (or equivalent) and having min. yield strength of 250 MPa.
    8. Roof and Wall Cladding ( Bare Galvalume / Colour Coated ) shall be having min. yield strength of 345 MPa.(make JSW or equivalent)
    9. 9. Gutter, Down-take pipes, Flashing etc. accessories made through PPGI.
    10. Turbo Vents (Aluminium /Stainless Steel) & Polycarbonate for Sky light make Duratuff.
    11. Insulation (Glass wool) make Rockwool India Ltd.
    12. Foam Filler for Eave and Ridge.
  3. Fabrication
    1. The building will be manufactured in accordance with the following codes
      -MBMA manual for Fabrication Tolerances.
      -AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code.
    2. Sand Blasting of Steel for removing all foreign material.
    3. Precise metal cutting through state of the art CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.
    4. Members fabricated from Plate shall have flanges and webs Joined on one side of the web by a continuous welding process (SAW) using only ADOR / ESAB electrodes.
    5. Continuous inspection of Welding Quality through Dye Penetration Test / Ultrasonic /radiographic Testing * (As applicable in terms of Order).
    6. Fabricated member shall be cleaned and given one shop coat (25-30 micron) of Zinc Chromate, air drying, phenol modified alkyd resin primer / grey primer followed by two coats (50-60 micron) of Gloss Synthetic Enamel ( all paints/primer BERGER/ASIAN make).
    7. Roof Sheets/Cladding sheets to be procured directly from manufacturer in desired Thickness & Length.
  4. Transportation
    1. Proper Vehicle Selection as per product to be transported.
    2. Adequate use of Wooden Planks for minimizing damage during transit.
    3. Maintaining proper Inter member spacing for facilitation during unloading.
    4. Packing the delicate section/members with extra Polythene/Cardboards for minimizing scratches etc.
    5. Limiting Stacking Height as per Members loaded.
    6. Proper Fastening of Members by Shackles/Chains tightened through turn Buckles in open type Transport trailers.
  5. Execution
    1. Regular Visit of Project Engineers at Anchor Bolting Stage to achieve Dimensional accuracy.
    2. Use of Proper and competent Machinery & Operators. (Cranes as per Load Chart)
    3. Proper Unloading-Stacking of Material.
    4. Daily basis PPEs Check and Tool Box Talk.
    5. Use of competent Lifting Equipment’s (Loading Belt, Slings, D Shackles, Chain Pulley, and Turn Buckle).
    6. Use of competent Wire Ropes for securing Erected material with good anchorage.
    7. Use of Torque Wrench for checking of Adequate Tightening of HT Bolts
    8. Paint touch up for damage occurred during Shifting/Erection.
    9. Regular Check on Plumb & Alignment of Building.